Evening  people….today I would like to share with you some of my make-up essentials. I remember the first time I started putting on makeup I was so overwhelmed with all the different products and brands and to say the list I wasted a lot of money especially on foundation, because I always got the wrong shade. But now am happy coz I got it covered and I can be of help to someone. So for starters, know the best brands around coz there so many to choose from. For foundation I’ve used black opal, mac, rimel and sleek, my favorite being black opal and sleek because they have my shade and also give full coverage. As for eye shadows I’ve gone all out, because all brands have different colors that the other may not have, so you have to find what makes your happy. My favorites are from mac, sleek and Inglot .I would really advice investing in a good set of eye shadows and even though they may be pricey, cheap brands not only look powdery but also cause darkening of the eyelids. Still on the eyes, I love me some cat eye’s….kinda like my signature look so I always have to have a liquid eyeliner and trust me when I say they make all the differences and even if you don’t go all the way, it helps your eye pop. A tip though while shopping is to find one that has a hard tip, almost like a pencil. I use Maybelline .Lip colors on the other hands are experimental because there are some factors to consider such as your skin color and the size of your lips. I love or rather look good in wine red, nude and soft pink. Brands to consider are Mary Kay, Mac and sleek……sleek being my favorite. As for the bronzer I’ve only used Dior. I found the perfect shade and I have never looked back ever since. Overall that’s what I would use on a typical day. Thanks for stopping by and hope I’ve been of help. Good day!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                           Kare xo



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