This is my road down memory lane on the hairstyles I’ve had the last one and half years.I have always known that i can’t stay with  one hairstyle more than 2 months but the point hit home when one of my friends told me that every time we meet,i always have a new hairstyle…….he even made fun of me saying its either my salonist uses me for advertisement or am a try-on doll for a new hairstyle.For some reason i just get bored quickly and move on to the next one.Am all about experimenting and discovering myself and knowing what suits me best.I mean! life is too short and when still young even shorter.So mid last year i cut my hair….rihanna inspired and i loved it,really flattered my face shape.I had it for a while though,mixing it up with weaves and color.From there i struggled growing back the sides and did alot of braiding even though am not a huge fun of braids,but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.From there i went back to weaving which  i do till now.I know many people have a negative view on weaves but its the best invention since electricity… my view,and even though i would love love love natural hair but boy is it  hard to maintain and let’s not even talk of the length…but all in all we need to appreciate what the Lord gave us with joy and for that,i am thankful.Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

                                                                                                                 Kare Xo



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