Hello peeps!today i want to share what i think is the perfect makeup to wear to the office.keeping it clean and simple is the way to go because you don’t want to be known for your dramatic,circus kind of makeup.I even think the reason why most men are conservative about makeup is because of the horrible things they’ve seen.But don’t be afraid to enhance your natural beauty with a little makeup.My advice is to chose earth tone colors especially for the eyeshadow.Avoid bright shades like ocean blue,silver,yellow and the likes,go for shades of brown and peach.Save the other colors for days out of the office.As for the lips,go for shades of red,plum and nudes.Avoid the likes of bright pink and orange.Below are pictures to show the before and after looks.My eyeshadow is a light shade of brown which goes well with my skin tone.I also used a liquid liner to define my eye….it makes me look like i have thick eyelashes which i love.You need to practice though if you’ve never used it before because it could be messy since its liquid.I will be doing a video soon on this,hope av been of help.Thanks for your time good day!
                                                                                                                                                  Kare xo



Things that you need:

*foundation,concealer,translucent powder,eyeshadow,mascara,eye linear,liquid eye linear and blush(optional)




see the difference the liquid linear makes?….got to love it




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