Finally!!!!my vision has been brought to life,an Ankara print wedge.I can’t even start to tell how long this journey has been for me.The first place i saw an Ankara print heel was in Aldo and thought i could get one custom made for me with the fabric and colors i wanted but boy didn’t i know i was in for a ride.I first bought the fabric because i thought it would be difficult to find a combination of the colors that i wanted till it was time to find the cobla……’fundi’ whaaaaaaat!!the first one said it wasn’t possible,second,third fourth…but i kept on telling myself there is someone out there who can do it….which didn’t happen.But in the process i came to learn that there are no tools and materials to make heels from scratch in kenya…so i had to find a wedge heel then transform it with the fabric.I was disappointed that our shoe industry is still so behind in this modern times which also meant we don’t have shoe designers out there.But looking at it from a positive side there is a gap to be filled…..that’s an opportunity right there.All in all i got my shoe done and i can brag and say am the only one with this shoe in the world..yeeeeeessssssss!!…my hustle did indeed pay off.If you need a custom made shoes let me know by leaving  a comment below!!good day

                                                                                                   KARE XOImageImageImageImageImage


                                     yap!…that hurt


 much better!



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