Happy monday loves….its been a while since I posted anything,sorting a few things here and there,anywho I have been doing a little research on which lip colour goes well with my skin tone and got a few tip I thought I could share.
we as africans have diffrent shades of colour and so some colours may look good one and others no so good.but there are a few colours that generallly work well for all.They are
1.RED:wine red and dark…brighter colours could work for those with less full lips and lighter complexion
2.PINK:light shades…avoid darker shades if u have full lips.
3.CHOCOLATE:this works well for all
4.GRAPE:purplish…varies according to skin tone
All in all I think when it comes to lip colour u have to try it to know if it works well for you and you could try mixing up colours and custom make one that looks great on you….let mi know what you think!
Kare xo



Finally av been able to post this cz I had issues with the internet for the past few days. Anywho I wore this on wednesday,it was actually chilly and I thought I was a nice opportunity to put on a scarf but my main thing was the denim shirt that I got a few days ago and I wanted to wear it when the excitement was still fresh. I do love the vintagish look which I don’t do quit often so tell mi what u think and thanks for stopping by,
Kare xo

shoe re-modeling (DIY)

So I bought this shoes from a vendor around home and when I first saw them I dint really like them coz of the flower at the top..(Looked kinda shady) but the seller kept insisting and at that moment I go this idea that I could transform them….so I ended up buying them.later when I got home I pulled out my tools and started working ..
2.Accessories(your prefrence)
3.glue gun and glue
After u have all that then this is how you do it.
* cut the piece of fabric(mine was leather) according to the Shoe
*pin on the accessory on the fabric
*glue the back part of the fabric
*attach to the shoe
And yayyy!! Your done
Am happy with the results…all be rocking them really soon.
Tell mi what you think!!!

Kare xo